Real Estate Law

At Taylor, Tait, Ruley & Company, our Real Estate lawyers can help you with all aspects of Real Estate transactions including:

  • Commercial Conveyances
  • Residential Conveyances
  • Sale & Purchase of Land
  • Sub-divisions and Strata Properties
  • Purchase, Sale and Construction Contracts
  • Commercial Leasing
  • Foreclosure
  • Joint Ventures and Partnerships
  • Commercial and Residential Financings
  • Property Tax Issues
  • Municipal Regulatory Law

Residential and commercial real estate transactions can be very complex and involve many different types of contracts and areas of law.  Having been in business for nearly forty years and having successfully handled thousands of real estate matters, we are well-equipped to assist our valued clients with the level of legal expertise that is necessary to respond to your real estate needs in a competitively priced, time-sensitive and efficient manner.

If you are contemplating purchasing or selling or entering into a real estate transaction of any kind, take the time to get informed about your legal rights and obligations before making a commitment.